REVIEW - Huion 420 Graphics Tablet
Author: Hayden Barton
Posted: 17th November 2015 at 10:44am
Tekket Rating: 7.2 / 10
Manufacturer: Huion
Product: 420
Price: £24.99 - $38
Product Link: Click Here
Pressure Levels: 2048
Pen Buttons: Pen Tip, 2x Thumb Buttons & End Button/Eraser
Tablet Buttons: None
Spare Tips: 4 Spare Tips & Tool To Remove Them
PC Connectitivty: Mini USB 2.0 Type A Cable (1.5m cable included)
Technology: Electromagnetic Digitizer
Active Tablet Area: 4 Inches x 2.23 Inches
Lines Per Inch (LPI): 4000 LPI
OS Support: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 & Mac OS X 10.8 or above
The Huion 420 graphics tablet arrives in a color printed strong cardboard box with an image of the 420 and H420 graphics tablet models on the front with the included pen. To the top right is the Huion logo and just bellow that are some but not all features of the graphics tablet.
On the back is a large amount of technical specification about the graphics tablets (Huion 420 and H420) including the OS support, pen pressure levels, type of digitizer technology and many more some of which will be alter mentioned in this review.
Opening up the box you are instantly presented with the graphics tablet it's self, the pen in a protective bag and spare tips for the pen. All of that mentioned is held securely in a plastic molded tray.
Lifting out the tray you have the 1.5 meter long USB 2.0 cable to plug the graphics tablet into your computer, a driver installation disc to get your tablet working and 2 manuals, one for the Microsoft Windows operating system and the other for the Mac OS X operating system.
The Huion 420 arrives in black with a smooth matte finished surface with a gloss black bezel. The active usable area of the 420 graphics tablet is 4 inches by 2.23 inches. In the top left is the green indication LED which will glow when the pen is either hovering or pressing on the electronic digitizer of the Huion 420.
The under side of the 420 is a central sticker displaying the Huion graphics tablet model (420), input power (5V DC 0.35W) and other information. To the right is a QR code linking to the Huion facebook page to get the latest Huion updates. On all 4 corners 4 rubber feet are places to prevent the tablet from sliding around on the desk.
To the left hand side of the 420 tablet there is a Mini USB 2.0 Type B connector to allow you to connect the graphics tablet to the computer.
The included pen is a wireless electromagnetic stylus capable of writing on the 420 graphics tablet with 2048 pressure levels. The pen is glass black in color with a rubberized grey grip for your finger tips. in the middle of the grip are 2 function buttons to be assigned how you wish and an on/off button on the top. the pen measures 145mm in length with a 14mm thickness at its widest point. The pen is very lightweight at 14.1g without a battery and roughly 25g with the battery.
Included are 4 spare plastic pen tips for when they wear out from high usage (5 including the pre fitted tip already on the pen) and a small metal tool in the shape of a ring to rip and remove tips from the pen.
The pen of the Huion 420 tablet screws apart in 2 sections with the battery sitting inside to power the pen, unfortunately it does not arrive with any batteries. Luckily the pen uses a single AAA 1.5v battery which are widely available for very cheap.
Plugging in the 420 tablet to your PC will start to illuminate the green light and attempt to install generic drivers for the tablet.
Once the tablet has been plugged in please use the provided installation CD to install the tablets drivers. You can see the whole installation process in the review video.
Once installed successfully you are ready to go! The tablet can be used with a wide number of graphics programs, including (but not limited to): Adobe Photoshop / Fireworks / Illustrator / Lightroom / In Design / Flash / After Effects and Corel Draw for example. Other uses include games such as Draw Something and OSU or using as a digital pen document signer.
The Huion 420 graphics tablet is a great quality tablet for a beginner. Learning how to use and getting used to using a pen instead of a mouse is something that takes practice but when master holds great precision with digital art. Once you master the tablet and get used to using a pen and its pressure level sensitivity you could then move up to a more advanced model such as the Huion 1060PRO+ for example. The 420 is a great starting point for the beginner
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Total Score: 7.2/10
Performance: 7/10
Aesthetics: 7/10
Quality: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Features: 6/10
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