REVIEW - Armex Renegade 175LB Rifle Crossbow With Camo Finish
Author: Hayden Barton
Posted: 27th October 2015 at 02:22am
Tekket Rating: 8.8 / 10
Manufacturer: Armex
Product: Renegade
Price: £250 - $
Product Link: Click Here
Body Materials: Aluminium & Plastic
Limb Materials: Fiberglass
Draw : 175LB - 14 Inch Power Stroke
Rail Mounts: Weaver
Dimentions: 56CM x 25CM x 92CM
Unit Weight: 2.75KG
Projectiles: 20 Inch crossbow arrows (3 vanes)
Average Projectile Speed: Average Speed Of 355 Fps (242 Mph)
Safety Features: Auto-Safety & Anti Dry Fire
The Armex Renegade crossbow arrives in a large box with 2 parts: the brown cardboard box and the printed sleeve on the outside. On the front you get the Armex logo, the renegade name, specifications and features of the crossbow and an image of the crossbow.
Removing the sleeve and opening up the box you are instantly drawn towards the large pre-constructed bow with bubble-wrap on the cams.
Included in the box is the bow, the stock with camo graphics, 3 fiberglass arrows, a 5 arrow quiver, a bag of parts and accessories and the scope in a white box.
Inside the small bag is the aluminium quiver mount, cocking rope to cock the crossbow, field tips for the arrows, screws and bolts to assemble the crossbow, some allen key wrenches to tighten the screws and bolts, bow wax to keep your rail and string working in top shape, a metal stirrup to help cock the string of your crossbow and a manual to help you assemble the whole thing.
The 175LB bow of the Armex Renegade crossbow is pre-constructed for east assembly to the stock. The bow features 2x 9cm CNC machined cams anodized with a orange Finnish attached to the split fiberglass limbs using a hardened steel pin. The riser is machined out of a single piece of solid aluminium anodized in an orange/bronze color. Attached to the riser are 2x heavy duty string dampeners with rubber tips. The string its self comes in a two color design with a bright almost luminous looking green and black, the string is also finished off with black tightly wound serving.
The stock is molded from a light weight abs plastic covered in a detailed forest camo graphic.
The back of the stock has a striking somewhat 'holey' design to further lower the total weight of the crossbow. On the very back is a bumped washboard like finish to help keep the stock against the shoulder when aiming and shooting. The small metal piece on the bottom is used to attach a shoulder strap, there is also another on on the riser on the bow.
On the top of the stock is the anti dry fire and automatic safety mechanism pre-attached. These safety features are a great addition to a high powered crossbow to help keep down the rate of accidental fires and damage to the crossbow its self which prolongs its life. The anti dry fire system works by not not allowing you to pull the trigger if an arrow isn't inserted into the crossbow, when a bow or crossbow is shot without an arrow it can cause damage to the limbs and other parts of the crossbow due to the energy pushed into the crossbows limbs and components instead of dispersed into an arrow. The automatic safety is automatically put in place when the string is pulled back, to remove the safety just simply push forward the ambidextrous switch forward before shooting. On top of the safety and firing system is an attached weaver rail mount ready to attach sights, lasers, torches and many other accessories.
Pre-attached to the weaver rail on the bottom of the stock is the movable grip again with the forest camo graphics.
Once the bow is attached to the stock using the paper manual provided it will look like this. The bow is attached to the stock using a large bolt tightened with the provided allen key wrench. To keep the crossbow in tip-top working condition remember to use the included lube to wax the string and lube the rail, this will stop friction and prolong the life of the strong and crossbow overall, it will also protect the string by repelling water.
The 3 included fiberglass arrows without the included field tips weight approximately 300 grains (~19.25 grams) with the field tips weighing in at 100 grains (6.75 grams). The fletchings are made of a rubbery silicone type of material and arrive with 2 green and 1 yellow fetching and a lime green nock on each arrow. The included arrows are surprisingly high quality for stock arrows. The quiver is made of a solid plastic with rubber grips to hold the arrows and a sponge layer inside the bottom of the quiver to protect the arrow tips.
The arrow shafts have a pre-fitted aluminium arrow tip inserts to give you the ability to screw in place and change tips as you wish.
The included 4x32 scope comes wrapped in a foam like sheet inside of a white cardboard box. Included is the scope its self, the lens caps kept together by elastic, an allen key wrench and a small paper manual. The scope is constructed out of aluminium anodized black and filled with nitrogen gas to keep from condensation on the inside of the lens. It has 2 hand adjustable knobs to sight in and tune the sight to the crossbow covered by 2 aluminium screw caps. The scope can be mounted to either a weaver or picatinny mount using the 2x machined aluminium mounts included and can be tightened using the allen key wrench.
Once the sight is attached to the Armex Renegade it will look like this giving it a real high end look.
Once the crossbow is complete it becomes a high powered piece of art. After loading the 175lb crossbow it looks amazing, and has the power behind it (capable of firing a 20" arrow at 355fps or 242mph) with the price a fraction of the leading crossbow brands, Armex have given them competition with the Renegade crossbow.
The camo works well,simply hanging the crossbow in a tree it would be hard to distinguish if you walked past it in the woods without the knowledge of it being there.
The Armex Renegade is a brilliantly constructed crossbow for the price. Once constructed it seams unbelievably well built with zero wobble between components. Shooting the crossbow is a pleasure and you get a nice kick-back after pulling the trigger to remind you of the power, however there is a lot of vibration and a slight humming noise once shot which can easily be fixed using string and limb dampeners and silencers to capture the vibration. once the provided scope is sighted in and tuned it is extremely accurate.
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Total Score: 8.8/10
Performance: 9/10
Aesthetics: 9/10
Quality: 8/10
Price: 9/10
Features: 9/10
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