REVIEW - Armex Tomcat MK2 80LB Pistol Crossbow
Author: Hayden Barton
Posted: 27th October 2015 at 02:22am
Tekket Rating: 8.6 / 10
Manufacturer: Armex
Product: Tomcat MK2
Price: £30 - $40
Product Link: Click Here
Body Materials: Aluminium & Plastic
Limb Materials: Fiberglass
Draw Weight: 80LB
Rail Mounts: Weaver
Dimentions: 43CM x 16CM x 50CM
Unit Weight: 1KG
Projectiles: 6 Inch crossbow bolts/arrows (2 vanes)
Average Projectile Speed: Average Speed Of 180 Fps (123 Mph)
Safety Features: Auto-Safety
The Armex Tomcat MK2 arrives in polystyrene packaging with a cardboard sleeve. On the front of the sleeve is the Armex name, the crossbow model, some specifications/features and an image of the pistol crossbow its self with 3 bolts (included).
Removing the sleeve you see all the contents. the polystyrene insert is covered in a plastic wrap which has been removed in the image bellow.
Included is the aluminium crossbow body, the 80LB crossbow limb, 3 6 inch bolts (arrows) and a small bag of accessories.
In the small bag is the crossbow string, 2 end caps for the string to sit onto the limb correctly. 1 small plate of steel and 2 rubber rectangles to help attach the limp to the body and an allen key to tighten the bolt of the limb.
The body of the Armex Tomcat MK2 has a full aluminium construction painted black. You can get the MK2 in 2 colors, black and with a wooden effect as seen in this review.
The crossbow is cocked using the built in full aluminium cocking handle on the back which is attached to 2 steel hooks that sit by the side of the rail to pull the string back when the handle is cocked. To cock just simply hold the metal clip down to release the cocking handle, then pull back until the string is locked into place, then you can load your 6 inch bolts and shoot.
The grips are molded out of ABS plastic available in 2 colors, black and the brown wooden effect as seen here. The safety mechanism is switched between 'safe' and 'fire' using the brass pin available on both sides of the crossbow for ambidextrous use.
The front of the crossbow features a small hand grip to help cock the crossbow easier with the handle. You can see here the 2 steel hooks previously mentioned that pull the string back when cocked.
The included sight has 2 parts, the adjustable sight that sits on top of a weaver mount which can be replaced with another sight of your choice, and the pin you line the sight up with which bridges over the rail.
The 80LB limb measures 43 cm when the crossbow is strung and is made from fiberglass with a black plastic coating to protect it. In the center there are 2 lines, when attaching the limb to the body these lines are to help line up and center the limb.
In the small bag you get a crossbow string which is pre-waxed, 2 limb end tips, an allen key wrench, 2 pieces of rubber and a piece of steel.
The 2 plastic limb end tips must be snugly placed onto the tips of the limb on both sides like so.
As you can see the steel piece and 2 pieces of rubber are the same size as the lines marked on the limb, they are what surround the limb when attaching it to the body, the rubber to help cushion it and the steel plate to help tightly keep it in place with the bolt on teh tip of the body.
Here you can see how it all fits together, the allen key wrench is used to tighten the bolt and keep the whole limb in place. It is important to make sure the limb is centered to make an accurate crossbow.
Now the crossbow is ready to be strung, it is recommended to have another person o help you, but it can be done on your own. You can find many tutorials on the internet how to string a recurve or pistol crossbow.
Once the crossbow is strung and everything is tight you are ready to shoot. It is best to double check everything first before shooting for safety reasons. Make sure you keep waving the string and lubing the rail, if the string and rail isnt looked after the string with snap, lubing and waving your crossbow with prolong the strings life and the crossbows like overall.
The Tomcat MK2 crossbow is one of the most solid build, better looking and more accurate pistol crossbows around to date, for the price tag, you cant beat its performance.
Included are 3x aluminium 'true-flight' bolts. These measure 6 inches and have a steel pointed tip with plastic fletchings. More can be bought online and in many outdoor sports shops and don't cost much at all. They are available in aluminium or the full ABS plastic.
The Armex Tomcat MK2 pistol crossbow is an amazing product for its price, you get speed, accuracy, a nice design and a well built product without breaking the bank. Personally I now have 2 of these in my collection because of those exact reasons. Both have over 100 shots and still look and feel new without any wear on the string.
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Total Score: 8.6/10
Performance: 8/10
Aesthetics: 8/10
Quality: 8/10
Price: 10/10
Features: 9/10
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