REVIEW - AL Laser 3000mw (Rated) 445nm Blue Laser
Author: Hayden Barton
Posted: 29th April 2015 at 09:03am
Tekket Rating: 8.4 / 10
Manufacturer: Al Laser
Product: 3000mw (Rated) 445nm Blue Laser
Price: £135 - $200
Product Link: Click Here
Case: Copper
Power: 3000mw / 3w
Wavelength: 445nm
Power Source: 2x 16340 Battery OR 2x 18650 Battery with extention
Focusable: Yes
Unit Weight: With Battery - __g / No Battery - __g
The 3000mw (3W) 445nm Blue laser from Al Laser arrives in a solid aluminium case with a handle and latch, which is a nice extra for a powerful laser, keeping it secure and protected.
Once the latch is lifted and the case is opened you are presented with the laser, laser safety glasses, and a dual 18650 battery charger held in place by foam. A nice extra is the small bumpy foam in the lid to keep everything inside secure in place and further protected from bumps.
Removing the case we have a cleaer image of the laser and its 2 accessories.
The 3000mw (3W) 445nm blue laser from AL Laser Is a true piece of art with a lot of power behind it. Here we have the included dual 18650 batter charger in black to charge the laser batteries (if using 16340 batteries you will need a different charger). The charger is the US plug type, so if you are from the UK like me you can pick up US to UK adapters very cheap.
Laser safety goggles are a must for a high powered laser, or any laser for that matter. One slip of the lasers beam or reflection off of a shiny surface can mean anything from temporary damage to your eye, blind spots or even permanent blindness.
Now on to the thing we are here to see. This laser is huge for a handheld, and weights almost half a kilogram on its own. It features a solid machined copper housing and a focusable lens.
The laser comes with a printed sticker in the box.
The switch is a continuous toggle type switch, meaning when you press it you don't need to hold the button to keep the laser turned on, to turn it off you just need to press the button again. The button is the only piece of plastic on the laser, the rest is solid copper. There is also a small hole for a lanyard on the bottom next to the button as shown.
The laser disassembles into 4 parts: The button, the laser its self, an extender tube to convert the laser to either use 2x 18650 batteries for the longest use time possible, or the half size 16340 batteries without the extended tube. lastly is the focusable piece on the end of the laser as seen bellow.
Here you can see the focusing part of the laser which completely unscrews. The thread used for focusing is one of the finest threads you will see on a handheld meaning you can get a much more accurate focus on an object. Unlike standard burning handheld lasers that feature a 5.6mm diode, this one has a monstrous 9mm diode! You can also see a small thread on the end of the focusing ring, there you can screw on a star cap to make patterns with the laser. Glass star caps are preferred, as plastic/acrylic star caps may just burn.
Here we have 2x 18650 batteries next to the huge laser, for anyone who has seen a 18650 battery before they will know the size of them and will agree that they are in no way small batteries.
The laser has a 9mm diode outputting light in the 445nm range, in the image it was so bright the camera couldn't pick up the correct color, therefore it looks purple on the image.
No Verdict Given Yet.
Total Score: 8.4/10
Performance: 9/10
Aesthetics: 8/10
Quality: 9/10
Price: 8/10
Features: 8/10
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