GUIDES - Activate God Mode In Windows 7, 8 and 10
Author: Hayden Barton
Posted: 1st September 2015 at 12:51pm
Difficulty: 2 / 10
Time Taken: 0 Days : 0 Hours : 1 Minute
Step 1 - Usually the average technician would trawl through the Control Panel to find what tool they are looking for, but there is an easier way. God Mode is a centralized collection of all of the features and settings inside Windows 7, 8 and 10, which is a very useful thing! First you will need to create a new folder like so:
Step 2 - Rename the folder by right clicking on the folder then pressing rename.
Step 3 - Copy and name the folder the following code: God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
Step 4 - Thats it, you're all done! The folder Icon will change.
Step 5 - Inside you can see a wide variety of features!
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